After Monday, you blink twice and the week is over. Because of all our busy schedules, relaxation often becomes a last priority. Be honest, you work hard for it, so you deserve some luxury in your life every now and then. You can completely surrender to the relaxation. Be completely pampered and go all the way. At De Zeeuwse Parel holiday park it’s all about peace and relaxation. No cars rushing by, no bothering neighbors, just the peaceful sound of birds. You are also surrounded by lots of greenery, so plenty of room to get some fresh air.

Zeeland is a province in the southwest of the Netherlands and borders South Holland in the north, North Brabant in the east, the North Sea in the west, West and East Vlaanderen in the south and a small part of Antwerp. Since January 1st 2019, Zeeland counts 383,073 residents. A number of cities in Zeeland used to be important port cities, such as Middelburg, Vlissingen and Zierikzee.

The VOC was also based in Middelburg. Zeeland also played an important role in World War II because of its location. Ships could easily sail away or come ashore.
On the night of January 31st to February 1st 1953, Zeeland was severely hit by a major disaster known as the 1953 flood disaster. People wanted to prevent another major disaster from happening in Zeeland that destroyed everything and then started working on the Delta Works. The Delta Works were completed in 1987. The Delta Works merged a large number of islands with Zeeland, making it more accessible to tourists etc.
In Zeeland you will find mainly agriculture farming. There is a lot of fruit growing in South-Beveland and a lot of flowers growing on Tholen.

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