Zeeland delicacies

The Zeeuwse babbelaar


The Zeeuwse babbelaar is one of the best known sweets from Zeeland. It is mainly the characteristic packaging of the babbelaars that make the sweets popular with tourists. In many cases, the packaging of the boterbabbelaar consists of a blue can with typical Zeeland images on it. In many cases these are photos of ladies in traditional Zeeland costume and the landscape of Zeeland.

Zeeuwse Bolus


The Zeeuwse bolus is a kind of bun that is made and knotted in many different ways within Zeeland. The basis is the same for most bakers and consists of bread dough that is rolled into a skein. After this it goes through a sugar mixture. It always contains brown caster sugar. Some bakers add cinnamon to the mixture and others add gingerbread spices.

Zeeland mussels and oysters


The Zeeland mussels are eaten all over the world. Almost half of the entire mussel harvest is shipped to Belgium every year. Many of the Oosterschelde mussels come from the Waddenzee to later be released into the Oosterschelde. Most Zeeland mussels come from Yerseke. Here you will find a few of the largest mussel processing companies in the world.

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