Jazz in Zeeland:


This year’s Jazz by the Sea festival is being held in Domburg for the 29th time. This festival lasts 5 days. You can enjoy all the performances on the main stage or visit the performances on the many other stages. And as icing on the cake, the festival is completely free! A wonderful moment to enjoy a weekend trip to Zeeland in the late summer. Book your stay at Holiday park De Zeeuwse Parel now! If that’s not a great combination, what is?

This year’s festival is from September 18 – 22nd 2019.

Fishing parties:


A city by the sea naturally has fishing and mussel parties. Fishing villages such as Bruinisse and Breskens turn the entire village upside down once a year. You can then sail on the boats, see how fish and shellfish are prepared and of course taste. The Mussel village of Yerseke has an annual mussel day where tens of thousands of people attend. Do you want to book a holiday in the area? Book your perfect overnight stay at Holiday park De Zeeuwse Parel.

Coastal marathon:


Sporting events are often on the edge of land and water. The Zeeland coastal marathon is called the most beautiful and toughest marathon in the Netherlands. More than 42 kilometers through villages, dunes and on the beach. Unwind completely after the marathon at Holiday park De Zeeuwse Parel! Contact us and book now!

Farms in Zeeland:

Zeeland is rich in farms. There are 250 registered farms, of which 199 are farms of cultural historical value. Zeeland also has numerous children’s farms where children and adults can come into contact with farm animals and nature. Cuddle and pet the animals, play in the yard, participate in various activities or enjoy a cold or warm drink on the terrace. In short: enjoyment for all ages. A weekend away with the children? Book your stay at De Zeeuwse Parel holiday park now!

Playgrounds in Zeeland:


Playground “de Souburgt”

Souburgt is a place where children can have social, educational and creative fun. There are various climbing devices, swings and vehicles that can be driven. You can also play with water in the sandbox. The playground is suitable for children up to 12 years. After playing, Holiday park De Zeeuwse Parel is the perfect place to unwind. Book now!

Berkenhof Tropical Zoo:


There is a lot to experience in the mini jungle of Berkenhof Tropical Zoo! This is very nice for all animal lovers. You can see the iguanas, dwarf caimans and the bird spider up close. Not big on animals? Of course you can admire the animals from a distance.

In Berkenhof’s Restaurant you can enjoy your exciting jungle adventures while having a drink with something tasty.

Playground Bambini:

In Play Palace Bambini, children of all ages can play in separate play structures. The little ones can enjoy themselves with giant lego, among other things, and they can climb into the play structure with a ball pit and slide. For the older children we have a seven-meter high climbing course with five different slides, an air cushion and a mega ball pit, among many other things. Quickly see what there is to experience at Playground Bambini!

Play farm Pierewiet:

Pierewiet play farm is a farm where you can do crafts, visit animals, climb in the indoor playground and go skating outside. A great experience!

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